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Kishore S
3 min readFeb 9, 2021


Working in AWS or in any cloud service platforms like GCP, Azure has attracted more people. I will be choosing AWS as the primary cloud platform in this blog. AWS is a pay as you go service, which means we need to pay for the services we use and only when the service is used.

There is a high chance of the possibility that we may lose track of the bills in the mid of the month and get to see the bills only when we need to pay. This may lead to problems. There is a possibility that your AWS account may be compromised and some other people may be using your account without your attention. To overcome this problem we can set up a billing limit for the account which can notify you via email or even through a chatbot

To set up a billing limit for your AWS account, please follow the steps below

After you login into your AWS account, search for Billing service in the search catalog. Then select the Billing Service

Once you enter into the Billing service, you will be able to see the Budgets

After clicking the budgets option, click on Create a budget

Select the type as Cost budget option and click set your budget

Enter the name, say AWS Billing Alert in the name and enter the amount in the Budgeted amount say 10. Now click on configure thresholds

Now enter the threshold in the Alert threshold say 50. When the bill amount exceeds 50 percent of the budgeted cost notification will be sent. For notification, we can configure either via email, SNS or by a chatbot. To configure via email enter the email address in the email where you can enter a max of 10 email addresses.

Now click on Confirm budget. Now, whenever you cross the threshold limit you will be notified



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