Measure your release of success

Kishore S
1 min readJun 25, 2022


Every time we work on introducing new features to improve your application, we gather customer needs, we gather data on how much users will make use of it. Say we decide to go with our feature for release. Have we delivered what we expected to? How to measure it? What did we miss, what are the measurable metrics?

There is one more step after we deliver the feature, gather feedbacks and create metrics to look for the feedbacks yourself.

Measurable solution
Look into the solution and scale it up to measurable through introducing new states like capturing the time of response. We have driven some metrics from the data. We not only measured the success rate of the product. The metrics will also show us the places to improve upon.

Creating metrics with data
With the data, you can infer whether the request is raised from mobile or email, measure the responsiveness, trend in the user response time. These metrics will help you validate the assumptions say, users prefer mobile for the application. There are also many third party tools which you can take a look.

When you kick start a new feature into your product, you would think of scalability, testability, security. You can also look into the measurability, how you are going to measure the success rate